8 steps to effortlessly colouring your hair at home, from a pro

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Whether you’re a colour-pro keen to keep your style going at home or a newbie looking for tips from someone who knows their stuff, you’re in the right place.

Here, Color Expert brand ambassador Carolyn Newman (@carolynlnewman) talks you through her eight steps for foolproof colouring hair from home.

Using the new Schwarzkopf Color Expert range, you can enjoy professional, salon-inspired results. The caring colour formula offers the perfect grey coverage and rich, long-lasting results, as well as leaving your hair strong, glossy and healthy post-treatment.

Faff-free, professional-quality colour from the comfort of your living room? Coming right up.

How to keep your hairstyle going at home

1. Always read the packet

Sounds obvious, right? But you’d be surprised by how many don’t do this oh-so-important thing and then get one of the steps wrong, according to Carolyn.

2. Make sure to do the Allergy Allert Test

Carolyn advises you should try the colour on your skin at least 48 hours in advance of when you want to use it, in accordance with the instructions on the leaflet. This will quickly show you if you’re allergic to the colour.

3. Pick a product that contains OMEGAPLEX and Hyaluronic Acid

Why, we hear you ask? Well, to ensure you’re protecting your hair and giving it the vital nutrients it needs to become stronger, nourished and glossy. We love the Schwarzkopf Color Expert Permanent Hair Colour range, which has a whopping 16 different shades.

“Adding innovative technologies like Hyaluronic Acid and OMEGAPLEX into Schwarzkopf Color Expert ensures every time you colour your hair it will become stronger, more nourished and glossy”, shares Carolyn. We’re in.

4. Keep your expectations realistic

When it comes to colour transformations, don’t expect to go ten shades lighter without any hiccups. It’s better to go gradually.

It’s also best to stick to a colour that suits your skin tone. Thanks to the sheer breadth of the Schwarzkopf Color Expert range – from black, to rich brunettes, intense red and blonde shades you’ve got plenty to choose from.

5. If in doubt, choose a shade lighter

We know, we know—it seems so safe, but trust us when we say, we’d rather be safe than sorry. Carolyn strongly advises going one shade lighter if you’re even slightly worried. That way, you’ve got more room to alter it, if it doesn’t look quite right.

Another top tip from Carolyn for if you’re making a big colour change is to do your own at-home strand test. So then you can see what it looks like in real time, pre-slathering your whole head in the stuff.

6. Apply a barrier cream to prevent staining

Carolyn advises applying applying a cream like Vaseline around your hairline on the face, around the ears and down to your hairline at the back to prevent staining. Easy and cheap. Win, win.

7. Hair feeling sticky? Rinse and rinse again

If you notice that your locks are still feeling sticky post-colour, it’ll be a simple case of not having rinsed all of the colour out thoroughly enough. Don’t be surprised if you need to use the Color Expert shampoo and conditioner on your hair once, twice or even three times. Removing all the colour is really important, and so rinsing through a few times is essential for ensuring this happens, shares Carolyn.

8. Learn how to maintain the colour for longer

Lucky for you, all Schwarzkopf Color Expert products have two hero ingredients which do all the work for you. Which are? OMEGAPLEX, which helps prevent hair from breakage or damage, and hyaluronic acid, which moisturises your hair after colouring. See? Simple.

Schwarzkopf Color Expert Hair Dye

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