The instant way to add volume into hair (that you definitely won’t have tried yet!)

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Ask any hair stylist for advice on how to make your hair look thicker and we guarantee they’ll suggest…

Backcombing. It’s one of the best ways to add volume and texture to any hair type, but you’ll need a specially designed backcombing brush to achieve the best results.

Thankfully, Tangle Teezer has just released its Backcombing hairbrush, £10, which is the newest addition to its three step range of detangling, blow-drying and styling hairbrushes, and available now at, Boots or professional hair salons.

Featuring clever two-tiered technology, it has long teeth to grip hair at the roots and short ones to build volume, plus a handy pin tail for sectioning. It’s a game-changer, a time saver and an absolute dream to use.

Whether you use it every day to make your hair look thicker or for special occasions when you want to style a classic quiff or beehive, this little hero really does work every time.

We love how it adds volume without making your hair look matted or damaging tresses – we’re talking long-lasting volume, body and texture – three core ingredients for creating hairstyles with staying power.

Scroll down for our incredibly easy guide to perfecting the classic crown lift…

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How to backcomb a classic crown lift (in under 10 minutes…)

1)  Using the pointed tail end of the hairbrush, section your hair from the temple (we use the high point of brows as a reference point for where to start), running fingers up to meet at the highest point of your crown.

2) Backcomb hair to add volume, working your way through the top section building it to a height you feel comfortable with.

3) Twist the top section, pulling in sides and secure with grips.

4) Smooth any frizziness with the tips of the teeth and spritz with hairspray, then tease out a few strands to frame your face.

Tip: always brush any backcombing out before you go to sleep – we like to use Tangle Teezer’s The Original detangling hairbrush.

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