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Curly vs straight hair: Which style suits these A-listers best?

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    It’s kind of a given that if you’ve got curly hair, you wish you had straight hair, and if you have straight hair you wish it was curly. But, when you’re an A-lister with a long list of hair stylists on speed dial, it really doesn’t matter because you can work whichever style you like on the red carpet and pull it off brilliantly. And these celebrities are positive proof that you can work either hair type no matter what.

    Blake Lively is well known for her long, straight, blonde tresses, so when she stepped out in July 2016 with big and bouncy ringlets it was a big surprise (but naturally she really pulled it off). Her new look got a big thumbs up from us. Margot Robbie is another blonde A-lister who we usually associate with sleek styles, but she’s been known to sport a curly style or two. And Rita Ora’s bleach blonde locks look great whichever way they’re worn.

    Meanwhile over in the brunettes’ corner, Kendall Jenner’s sleek and dark hair looks great whether it’s long and straight or worn in glossy curls, while Leighton Meester loves a 1940s style curly ‘do. And Alicia Vikander’s shiny, shiny hair always looks amazing when she’s on the red carpet, regardless of whether it’s curly or straight.

    And the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Gemma Arterton and Cara Delevingne have all proven that it’s really easy to pull off curls even when you have shorter hair, as well as rocking a poker straight ‘do from time to time. Be warned: This lot may leave you wanting to chop off all of your locks in favour of a shorter style.

    So, what are you waiting for? Scroll through our round up and decide which style you prefer on these celebrities – Curly or straight hair?

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