This under-the-radar Jo Malone perfume is easily one of my most complimented—and I think it deserves more praise

The epitome of luxury

Jo Malone Myrrh & Tonka
(Image credit: Lucy Abbersteen)

Fragrance enthusiasts usually have at least one of the best Jo Malone London perfumes in their collection, and I’m no exception. More specifically, several of those that I’m most drawn to come from the Cologne Intense range. 

These scents tend to be deeper and richer with more luxurious ingredients. Velvet Rose and Oud is one is of my favourite scented candles and a lovely woody floral. A gift of anything Dark Amber and Ginger Lily always goes down a treat in my mum’s house. But the fragrance that I always go back to is Myrrh & Tonka—which is actually one of my most complimented perfumes of all time. 

“Most of the scents we create find inspiration in British landscapes, traditions and ingredients, but with Cologne Intense, we allow ourselves to find inspiration from further afield,” Céline Roux, the brand’s Global Head of Fragrance, said in a press release on the collection earlier this year. “Cologne Intense fragrances offer warmth, depth and volume, but still retain the clarity and naturality that Jo Malone London is known for.”

The bottles had a redesign at the start of 2023 (you’ll notice that my Myrrh & Tonka Cologne bottle features the old black-and-silver design), but they are still strikingly different to the core collection in deep jewel tones. 

Myrrh and Tonka was actually the first fragrance from the Cologne Intense range that I tried and, while some fragrances grow on me with time, I was hooked on it pretty instantly. The myrrh gives it that warming, ambery feel underpinned by the subtle gourmand quality of tonka bean—a little sweet but not as much as, say, vanilla perfumes

Handheld bottle of Jo Malone London Myrrh and Tonka Cologne Intense

(Image credit: Lucy Abbersteen)

I also find that it’s one of the best long-lasting perfumes, plus its projection and sillage are excellent—so if you like your scents to waft around you as you go about your day or evening it’ll definitely be your thing, too. I've worn it on many an evening out and any time I do, it gets the attention of others.

Seriously, the number of compliments I've received on this perfume is very impressive—and it will forever be in my rotation as a result.

Lucy Abbersteen
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