Why the crystal infused beauty trend will make you feel enlightened

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  • Good for the skin AND the soul...

    Words by Lexxi Davis

    The healing magic of crystals have been popular for hundreds of years, but recently we’ve all been embracing all things spiritual  – and crystals are high on the list of new age essentials.

    Adele used them on her comeback tour for anxiety, Victoria Beckham travels with them and throes of celebs from Katy Perry to Miranda Kerr; are big believers in the power of crystals.

    Now they’re taking over the beauty world too. With a mass of new products starring some crucial crystal ingredients.

    Whether you believe in the spiritual side or not, these natural rocks actually have real skin care benefits. And here are some of our favourites…

    Rose Quartz

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    Rose quartz features a lot and seeing as it’s known as ‘the stone of beauty’ it already sounds like a winner. The pink stone can help brighten and even skin tone, reduce redness, as well as relaxing muscles, which means waving goodbye to wrinkles.


    Buy now: Aveda Tourmaline Charged Radiance Masque £30 at Fabled

    If you’re looking for tighter and brighter skin (and aren’t we all?) Then tourmaline is your NBF. It can help improve cell regeneration and the production of collagen, making skin look more youthful, plus it is supposed to be a key ingredient for regulating the temperature of the skin too.


    Buy Now: Laura Mercier Mineral illuminating powder in Candlelight £27 at Selfridges

    We bet you didn’t know that Laura Mercier’s mineral power included emeralds, did you? Well the benefits of this glorious green gem include reducing redness and scarring, plus this super jewel is known to be great for clearing congested skin. And of course, lightening and brightening.


    Buy Now: Sjal Saphir Concentrate Anti-Aging Oil £117 at Spake NK

    We know sapphires are healing stones, but what can they do for your skin? Well, they can be great for calming and smoothing out an uneven complexion – making skin so bright and radiant, you won’t even need highlighter. The typically blue coloured crystal is also said to boost self-confidence – and who doesn’t want their morning routine to include a touch of mood enhancing magic?

    We don’t know about you, but we think we’ve finally found the fountain of youth…

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