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Seeing double: Celebrities who basically have the same face

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  • Welcome to the meaning of the word doppleganger

    Fact: There’s about 7 billion people in the world. So the likelihood of you looking like someone else is pretty high up there. But, what’s the chances you look exactly like someone else working in the same industry as you? Actually, what’s the chances of someone looking exactly like you and living in the same state or town? Or better yet, what’s the likelihood of someone looking almost identical to you and being at the same party?

    For these celebrities, it’s more than just possible, it’s probable. And in fact, most of the time, these celebrity look alikes will bump into each other on the red carpet.

    You’d be forgiven for searching for their names, confused as to whether Zooey Deschanel sang I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It, or wondering whether Jada Pinkett Smith was in the Avatar. So similar to their dopplegangers look to them, it’s no wonder we all think that they share the same face.

    For some of these celebrities, the simple shape of their chin is enough to make them look like sisters. While for others, it’s not only the shape of their face, but their facial features too that make them look almost identical. Think Selena Gomez and Rachel Bilson’s nose; Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly’s eyes and lips; and Amanda Peet and Lake Bell’s eyebrows and smile.

    Want to know who looks like who in Hollywood? Scroll through to see the best celebrity look alikes and dopplegangers out there. You’ll honestly have to look twice…

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