Prom nights are now an £80m industry in the UK

Popularity of “Glee” style events means proms are now worth millions in the UK

They’re a traditional US rite-of-passage, but the popularity of TV programmes such as Glee means that many UK schools have ditched the school disco in favour of glamorous prom nights.

This means the industry is now estimated to be worth a staggering £80m in this country.

Retailers such as Next and Debenhams have tapped into this market, offering large selections of prom dresses and accessories which are aimed at girls aged 16-18.

‘Prom fairs’ have also sprung up around the country, with the biggest, Prom World, in the Midlands, taking place every April.

These wedding fair-style events provide a place for dressmakers, jewellers, beauty salons and limousine companies to promote their services.

Dervida Cogan, founder of Brilliant, a diamond jewellery retailer, says that proms are one of the biggest events in a girl’s social calendar.

‘In the last few years we’ve noticed a major surge in their popularity for the end of school events’, she says.


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