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A host of high profile celebrities including Penelope Cruz and Gwen Stefani are coming together to raise awareness of life saving medication for those living with HIV in Africa.

The Lazarus Effect campaign is being launched by (RED) to highlight the fact that it costs just 20 pence a day to provide the antiretroviral medication needed to transform the life of someone living with HIV.

A series of short scenes, shot by renowned French photographer Brigitte Lacombe, drive home this message with A-list celebrities showcasing a number of trivial items that can also be bought for 20p, such as a Bono wearing a hat, Penelope Cruz blowing a piece of gum or her partner Javier Bardem sporting bright red lipstick.

‘More than 20 million people have died in Africa from a disease that can now be treated for as little as 20 pence a day,' says actress Kerry Washington. ‘It is staggering how little it costs to make such dramatic changes in someone's life.'

The ads were created as companion pieces to' The Lazarus Effect' documentary - produced by (RED) and Anonymous Content - which will air on Channel 4 on Monday 24 May at 11pm.  


The half hour documentary, directed by Lance Bangs and executive produced by Spike Jonze, follows the stories of four people whose lives have been transformed from a near death existence to a healthier, more stable life in as little as three months through antiretroviral medication.



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