Facebook obsession reaches crisis point

Users spend up to eight hours a day on the social networking site, says new research

Brits are among the worst in the world for repeatedly checking our Facebook stream and ‘stalking’ our friends.

Research into the use of Facebook by 18-25 year olds found that one in nine visit the site over 20 times a day and spending a daily average of eight hours on it. The average use for this age group was one hour twenty minutes per day.


Young adults admit to feeling self conscious, anxious and even depressed when viewing their friends’ more exciting lives via their profiles. Some even admit to exaggerating their status updates to make their own lives seem more eventful in order to compete.

Unflattering photos were a concern, with 38% worrying about being tagged in one.

Do you think you’re using Facebook too much? Or do you think social networking is a waste of time? Let us know in the comments below.


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