Pippa Middleton Has Penned An Article About Bums, Specifically Kim Kardashian’s Bum

Pippa Middleton admits defeat at the hands of Kim Kardashian and her bum.

Pippa Middleton has penned a blog about bums. More specifically her bum and how it compares to the round derriere of one Kim Kardashian.

Writing in The Spectator, Pippa humbly admits that her juicy double pales in significance to Kim K’s, writing: ‘I must say that [my bum] – though it has enjoyed fleeting fame – is not comparable.’

Before going on to have what can only be described as a swipe at the reality star and her recent ‘Break the Internet’ shoot.

‘But the Kim butt story did make me pause,’ Pippa continued. ‘What is it with this American booty culture? It seems to me to be a form of obsession.

‘Kim’s aim, apparently, was to break the Internet, but I’m not sure she’s going the right way about it.’

Now, now, P-Midd, no one likes a sore loser.

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