Drew Barrymore producing Charlie’s Angels 3

Drew Barrymore 'so into' Charlie's Angels 3 flick

Drew Barrymore has confirmed she will be producing a third instalment of the hugely successful Charlie’s Angels franchise.

In a recent interview she stated: ‘I’m so into it. I’m so into it—Charlie’s Angels 3. They’re hard movies to make, but they’re fun.’

And Drew’s producing partner, Nancy Juvonen, said: ‘It’s percolating up. It’s rising to the surface.’

Original Angels Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew herself are all thought to be getting on board the project, while it’s rumoured a fourth Hollywood hottie may also be thrown in to the mix.

The first two movies – which see the girls play fun-loving, butt-kicking detectives who use their sex appeal and sass to solve criminal cases – have so far grossed $544 million at the box office.

That’s girl power!  



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