Women spend three years getting ready

Revealed: How long do women spend getting ready?

It’s a figure that may – or may not – surprise you: women spend nearly three years getting ready to leave the house.

The average length of time needed for posing in front of the mirror, changing your outfit for the third time and putting on the slap is an hour and 12 minutes for every big night out.

Add to that the 40 minutes needed to get ready for work every morning, and the amount of time spent preening adds up to more than two years and nine months over a lifetime.

The survey found that before a big night out, women typically spend 22 minutes showering and shaving their legs, seven minutes moisturising, 23 minutes drying and styling their hair, 14 minutes doing their make-up and six minutes getting dressed.

Charlotte Newbert, founder of the Nephria beauty brand which commissioned the study, said: ‘It’s amazing how our daily routine adds up.

‘But by the time we shower and do our hair and make-up it can take a while. Many women, and men for that matter, have a strict regime they stick to.’

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