Scientists hail pill that will make you fit

Researchers suggest a drug for a fitter physique without moving a muscle

Scientists claim to have created a pill that provides all the benefits of exercise without lifting a finger.

They have discovered that irisin, a hormone found naturally in the body, is responsible for some of the health benefits of working out.

‘Healthy’ brown fat in the body is replaced by ‘bad’ white fat with age. Irisin, it was found, helps the ‘browning’ of white fat, improving resistance to obesity linked diabetes.

‘It’s exciting to find a natural substance connected to exercise that has such therapeutic potential,’ say researchers from the Dana-Faber Cancer Institute, Boston, U.S

They hope that an irisin-based drug will be tested on humans within the next two years.

But contain your excitement, ladies. As there are no indications that irisin strengthens muscles, those striving for a toned body will still have to sweat it off at the gym.


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