Asparagus Soup

A fresh and light spring soup

Ingredients (Serves 4)

• 600g asparagus or a large bunch, trimmed
• salt and freshly ground pepper
• 1 heaped tbsp soft butter
• 1 small onion, finely chopped
• 1 small garlic clove
• 3 level tbsp plain flour• 150ml crème fraîche
• freshly grated nutmeg
• chopped parsley, to serve
• day-old baguette and olive oil, to make croutons


1) Chop the trimmed asparagus roughly.
2) Drop into a pan of boiling water.
3) Add a pinch of salt, bring back to the boil, cover and cook for 5 minutes. Drain the asparagus, reserving the liquid.
4) Melt the butter, then add the onion and garlic and cook for five minutes or until the onion is soft.
5) Add the flour and cook, stirring for 5 minutes.
6) Add the asparagus and the reserved water and simmer gently for 5 minutes.
7) Transfer the soup to a food processor and blend until smooth.
8) Add the crème fraîche and reheat.
9) Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg and add a swirl of crème fraîche and parsley, to serve.
10) To make croutons, slice bread, drizzle with oil, place on a baking tray and cook at gas mark 4/180ºC/350ºF for 10 minutes.

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