100 Calorie Snacks

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Low calorie snacks are the perfect way to keep you well-rooted to your health kick and help avoid those momentary lapses in will power. Keep these 100 calories snacks handy to keep you going...

Eating healthily can be difficult enough when it comes to meals, but if you’re trying to cut down on snacks as well, it can feel like no fun at all.

It’s always hard to resist that ‘harmless’ chocolate bar when hunger strikes and before you know it, all the hard work you’ve spent on your healthy lunches has gone on one of your calorie-heavy weak spots.

Smaller, more frequent meals are beneficial for lowering your overall calorie intake. High protein snacks will keep you satiated for longer, while low carb snacks will stop your callorific cravings for crisps, chocolate, sweets and popcorn (even if they really do seem like the best idea every. single. time).

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