Facebook is encouraging users to send in their nude photos 

But apparently all for a good reason...

Revenge porn is an awful modern phenomenon, involving people (usually a scorned ex partner) publicly sharing naked photos of someone else as an act of revenge. Now a punishable offence, revenge porn is illegal, coming with a hefty prison sentence.

One of the most popular platforms to share revenge porn on? Facebook – with Newsweek estimating that the revenge porn cases from the social media platform amounts to roughly 54,000.

Understandably Facebook isn’t happy about it, so in an effort to prevent it from happening in the future, the site is yes, asking for your nude snaps.

Confused? Let us walk you through it.

Facebook is said to be testing a feature that blocks revenge porn on its site, so by asking users to send in their nudes, they are hoping that they will be able to block them from being published on the site in future

Supposedly once a user has uploaded their naked photos, other people are then blocked from posting those very same images – so their theory is that if you are worried that you’re about to be the victim of revenge porn, send your nudes in speedily.

The idea has unsurprisingly prompted a mixed reaction with a lot of people feeling sceptical about sending in their nudes – only reassured by Facebook’s dedication to solving the problem for years.

Luckily, we’re not the guinea pigs with the experiment currently being tested in Australia.

At least we’ve all got a bit more time to make our minds up.

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