This is apparently why Prince William and Kate Middleton don’t hold hands in public

And it makes complete sense.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are undoubtedly the world’s most closely-watched couple, with people across the globe paying more attention to the Royals’ relationship than their own.

Their chemistry is obvious, and with the Duke and Duchess celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary this April, and later moving back to London with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and their cocker Spaniel, Lupo, it looks they’re settling happily into married life.

One thing that people have noticed, however, is the couple’s reluctance to engage in public displays of affection, often avoiding holding hands.

While it would make sense to think that their choice to avoid PDA is down to Royal protocol, there are apparently no rules against them making physical contact in public.

Some assumed that it could therefore be a form of power play, like Donald Trump’s infamous handshake tactic, but it turns out that the reason behind their decision is actually very simple.

Body language expert, Robert Kermode, explained to the Daily Mail why the couple choose not to hold hands in public and it’s all because of the Queen.

Kate and William holding hands

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, despite being married for almost 70 years, are rarely seen holding hands, their personal choice setting a precedent that the rest of the royal family are following by example.

Queen Elizabeth style

To be fair, if there was a couple that we would take relationship advice from, it would definitely be the Queen and Prince Philip.

There are of course times when Prince William and Kate Middleton surprise us with a public display of affection, their most famous being on the day of the Royal wedding where they gave the cheering crowd outside of Buckingham Palace TWO kisses from the balcony.

Let’s just revisit that.

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