Curly Hairstyles: Go Big With A Bounce, Ladies, Curls Are Back

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Curly hairstyles - whether it's big bouncy volume you're after or just a little shape - you'll find inspiration with these amazing celebrity-approved looks.

Curly hairstyles are having a revival – this red carpet classic is making its way back into our hearts, one big volume celebrity ‘do at a time. Ringlet-curled locks with a high-shine luxe finish are the epitomy of old school glamour, and this season we’re favouring the bolder, bouncier retro looks, straight out of Hollywood.

There’s a big difference in the type of styles that suit longer hair, and curly hairstyles for short hair. A glamorous barrel-curled mane is a style suited to long hair, like Beyonce’s for example, whereas her sister Solange’s shorter hairstyle is better blown out.

For this season, fashion-followers will love the popular medium crop, where roughed up curls like those seen in Taylor Swift’s hair give that relaxed, undone appearance. A low maintenance style like this can last for days with a natural bedhead look.

We’ve called upon some of the biggest names in Hollywood to showcase their flawless big-volume hairstyles and show you what suits your style best.

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