Video Alert! How To Nail Strobing

Want To Look Glowing? Here's How...

Want To Look Glowing? Here's How...

Tricky time of year for make-up, winter is. Skin looks a little grey, cheekbones a little less pronounced, and that summery glow has left the building. It’s tempting to really go at the bronzer in an attempt to reclaim the look we refer to as ‘health’, but this year we are delighted to have an alternative that won’t leave us looking like a TOWIE extra: strobing.

In case you missed the biggest make-up trend of the year, here it is in a nutshell: it’s highlighting, with a purpose. And you really want to be doing it now: first, it’ll accentuate your bone structure by highlighting ‘high points’ of the face (don’t worry - the video makes it all easy); second, it adds lustre and radiance to the face. We think of it as a supermodel glow in a few flicks of a brush.

To nail the technique, we enlisted Smashbox to show us how to look effortlessly healthy - but not oily of face - with the help of strobing in the above video. Go forth and shine.

Some other highlighters we rate:

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector, £33. In every make-up artist’s kit, this comes in a bunch of different hues and contains an SPF to protect, too.

MAC Strobe Cream, £24.50. A little birdie told us this is what Kylie used to make her limbs look preternaturally smooth and long in the Can’t Get Your Out Of My Head video. We like to believe this to be the case.

Benefit High Beam, £19.50. And oldie but a goodie, this pinky highlighter makes light work of illuminating features.

Nars Illuminator, £23. We prefer the liquid versions for ease of application, but the cult sticks are equally as pleasing.

Nude By Nature Sheer Light Illuminator, £18. Prefer to use mineral makeup? This highlighter competes with the best while also caring for the skin beneath it. 

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