Inside our #SOSSkin clinic: Getting the Glow

Watch our tester to try the Fresh Vitamin Nectar Face Mask...

Watch our tester to try the Fresh Vitamin Nectar Face Mask...

Welcome back to our Marie Claire #SOSSkin Clinic, in which we charge testers with the challenge of trying a skincare routine designed to nix their individual skin gripe – be that breakouts, pigmentation, wrinkles or dullness.

When our latest tester, Jenna, came in to see us, she was frustrated. Her skin was a bit dull for her liking, lacking that lit-from-within thing that she was after. Jenna's challenge was twofold: not only did she struggle with luminosity, but, thanks to her busy job, she also had very little time to pamper her skin.

Enter face masks. We charged her with two by Fresh: the Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask to give an extra deep cleanse and draw out impurities, and the Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask to rev up her tired skin thanks to the gentle exfoliation and vitamin boost it offers.

Watch the video to see if Jenna got the glow she was after, and try following the below tips if you want to up the ante on your glow this winter.

The Beauty Desk’s 5 Rules To Upping Your Glow:

  1. Give your skin a massage when you're cleansing or applying an oil. Doing so will increase blood flow and oxygenate the skin, which adds luminosity.
  2. Exercise. Moving will do similar, shooting blood and oxygen around your system and infusing your skin with life.
  3. Get Your Greens. More vitamins = good news for glow. Aim for five a day, more if feasible.
  4. Exfoliate. Your skin will dictate how often you should be doing this - some need gentle daily chemical exfoliation, others a bi-weekly treatment. After exfoliation, you can expect a little light tingling and minimal redness - more means you've overdone it.
  5. Add a Face Mask. The best way to give your skin a boost is through a face mask. Do it before a big night out for extra luminosity.
Madeleine Spencer

Madeleine Spencer is a journalist and broadcaster who has contributed to titles including Grazia, Glamour, InStyle, The Independent, The Evening Standard, and Stylist, as well as offering commentary for the BBC, Sky News, and ITV.

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