Prince Charles to make reality TV debut

We never thought we'd see the day

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We never thought we'd see the day Prince Charles became a reality star - but here we are.

The 73-year-old royal is set to make a cameo appearance on ITV's Keeping Up With The Aristocrats, not to be confused with Keeping Up With the Kardashians - although we'd love to see it - which will air on Monday 31 January.

The MailOnline revealed the Prince of Wales' latest venture, and shared images of him on set filming in Harrogate, alongside Lord Gerald Fitzalan Howard.

In the segment Charles, which was filmed at The Great Yorkshire Show in July 2021, Charles opted for his go-to sand suit, which he paired with a multi-coloured tie and tortoise-shell sunglasses, which are another favourite accessory of the royal.

The publication has revealed part of the conversation between the pair, which centred around the breed of cows and farming.

In the exchange between Charles and Gerald, 59, Queen Elizabeth II's son probed about the livestock, and Gerald's farming plans.

Prince William and Harry's father asked: "Are you trying to buy?, to which Gerald replied: "I am sir, I am. Course I am."

He quizzes: "Shorthorn. Are you a Shorthorn man?"

An uncertain Gerald replied: "I'm trying to be a Longhorn man. I'm Shorthorn, Longhorn, not quite sure."

Invested in all the details, Charles probed a little more, and questioned: "They are a wonderful cow. Where are you going to put them?"

To which the 17th Duke of Norfolk's son reassured Charles of his grand plans, and that the animals, which are said to fetch up to £1,000 each, would be safe. He said: "We live quite near here. A place called Carlton Towers and we're trying to build up a herd."

Content with his answers, Duchess Camilla's husband gave his royal seal of approval. "Well done. But they're wonderful because they just get on with it on their own", he said.

Gerald and his wife Lady Emma were taken aback by the conversation, but were pleased to get the go ahead from the heir to the British throne.

Gerald said: "Good royal approval... This is good", while Emma gushed: "Well that was unexpected. Wow. What were the chances of that happening? He recognised you look like a toff. Guy is in the summer. Linen suit. Absolutely love it. That has literally made my day."

While The Duchess of Cornwall attended the event with her spouse, she won't be appearing in the episode next week.

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