How #MermaidThighs took down the thigh gap trend

This social media trend is all about body positivity

Let’s face it, social media body trends are rarely a good thing. The A4 waist trend? Not cool. The belly button challenge? Utterly ridiculous.

But up there amongst the worse of these trends is the ‘thigh gap’. This ‘trend’ which not only has its own dedicated blogs and hash tags, but also a twitter account devoted solely to Cara Delevingne’s Thigh Gap. Yes, really.

People, we need to end the madness.

Thankfully, there’s a new Instagram hash tag which promises to do just that.

#MermaidThighs is the latest social media trend which lets all women who don’t have a body like a Victoria’s Secrets model fight back – and it’s pretty magical.

The idea is pretty simple – women simply post a photo of their perfectly normal, touching thighs along with the hash tag #MermaidThighs. Because if your thighs are together, you’re basically a mermaid, right?

Spreading the body positivity message, the social media trend already has countless women channeling their inner Ariel by posting realistic pics of their bodies. And with each picture comes the message that not having a thigh gap isn’t a bad thing – it’s the norm – so it’s time to start hitting that pool with pride.

That’s right, no need start combing your hair with a fork and making fishy friends ladies, because you’re already one step closer to being a mermaid (unlike your thigh-gap-y counterparts). Win.

Source: // alytjones

Body Positivity 1 – Thigh Gaps 0.  

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