What do you think about sexual harassment at work?

A woman's parents confronted her boss during a meeting, following allegations from their daughter

A 32-year-old woman claims that her career was ruined by her former boss after he allegedly sexually harassed her.

Laura Barker worked for Steven Holliday as the vice-president of marketing at the US wing of the National Grid.

But her parents are claiming that their now-unemployed daughter’s career was sabotaged after she rejected his sexual advances.

Her mother, Brigid Barker interrupted an annual general meeting at London’s Royal Festival Hall on Tuesday, accusing Mr Holliday, who is also a non-executive director of Marks and Spencer of ‘breaching his own code of ethics’ in front of 2,000 shareholders

National Grid has said it launched an investigation into the allegations in 2010 but they were found to be ‘without foundation’.

Mr Holliday is declining to comment.

In May 2010 researchers at the University of Michigan found that 90 per cent of women who work in ‘male-dominated environments’ have faced gender or sexual harassment in the workplace.

It is believed that women are taking less sexual harassment cases to court, possibly as a consequence of the recession.

Have you ever been sexually harassed at work? Have you wanted to press charges against somebody but feared you could lose your job? Let us know in the comments below.


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