We feed the world

We Feed The World is challenging industrial-scale farming

A new photography series celebrates the inspiring stories of independent eco farmers across the globe working towards a cleaner and more sustainable future

Do you know where your food comes from? (Apart from your local Tesco Metro.) Do any of us truly understand the environmental consequences of what we eat and drink? The rise of global agribusiness makes for a terrifying shopping list of potential crises – climate disruption, mass extinction, loss of biodiversity, pollution of oceans and waterways, and the diminishing health of communities.

We Feed The World, an archive of more than 300 images, is the brainchild of journalist Francesca Price. Working with curator Cheryl Newman and environmental charity The Gaia Foundation, Price brought 47 photographers, including Rankin, Martin Parr and Pieter Hugo, together to document the lives of 50 farming communities across six continents. ‘These photographs celebrate the work of small family farmers.’

For more details and to help support We Feed The World to continue their work with these global communities, donations are welcome at wefeedtheworld.org and gaiafoundation.org

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