The Big Debate: time to leave Kerry alone?

Join our community conversation: is the coverage of Kerry Katona's drug problems fair?

We’ve all been talking about the recent coverage of Kerry Katona’s drug problems in the papers, and it seems we’re not the only ones.

In our November issue, columnist Louise Scodie says she’s tiring of the ‘tragic Kerry’ headlines. Do you agree? Do you think Kerry’s personal life should stay personal? Are you bored of yet another celeb ‘n’ cocaine scandal?

But Louise also points out that Kate Moss – another mother who was caught sniffing a suspicious substance – has escaped the public battering dished out to Kerry.

Why do you think the two women are treated so differently? What makes Kerry attract such negative headlines?

This is your chance to share your thoughts with other women who want an intelligent debate on the subjects we’re all sharing with our friends.

Join in Marie Claire’s Big Debate, starting today and featuring every week on by posting your comment in the box below.


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