Britain turns organic as sales hit £2 billion

The trend for all things green continues to soar as a new report to be published this week is expected to reveal that annual spending in the UK on organically produced food, cosmetics and clothes has reached £2 billion.

The Organic Market Report, compiled by the Soil Association, will prove that our desire to live greener lives has moved from buying organic vegetables and milk to beauty products.

Niche companies that make organic beauty products have steadily moved from specialist shops to major supermarket shelves.

The report is likely to predict that organic farmers will be unable to keep up with the growing demand. Food is still the most popular organic area, but concern over alleged cancer-causing chemicals has caused consumers to worry what they use on their skin and rub in their hair.

Helen Taylor, marketing director of the Soil Association, said: ‘Buying organic is becoming more accessible, appealing to people’s tastes. There is wariness around GM and people want to support the environment.’

At least 200 natural beauty products have already been launched this year, compared with 73 in 2006.

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