Prince Charles backs plastic bag ban

Prince Charles launches own plastic bag campaign

He’s been a well-known eco-campaigner for years but now Prince Charles is launching his own anti-plastic bag campaign.

The Prince is teaming up with supermarket chain Booths to draw attention to the damaging effect carrier bags have on the environment and to urge shoppers to make use of reusable eco bags.

Charles is practising what he preaches and has already banned plastic bags from the shop at Highgrove, his Gloucestershire home.

A royal spokesman said of the Prince’s new initiative: ‘He supports any practical effort to reduce the harm we do to our environment, and if more people use reusable bags instead of plastic carrier bags for their shopping it would make a real difference.’

Charles is long-established as an eco-friendly royal family member. He has installed energy-saving measures in his own home and lobbied internationally to establish climate care programmes.

The joint scheme with Booths – a family-run group with branches across the North West – follows Marks & Spencer’s announcement to charge shoppers 5p per plastic bag used.

Booths has already banned bags at 26 stores in Lancashire, Cumbria, Yorkshire and Cheshire. Instead eco-friendly bags are sold as an alternative at the stores. In 2007 the company sold 400,250 eco bags, compared with only 35,000 in 2006.

Waste and Recycling manager for the company, Colin Everest said: ‘The fact that the Prince of Wales has decided to support our efforts is enormously encouraging.’

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