COVID-19 Global Diaries: ‘I’m a scientist fighting a pandemic of confusion and fear’

In Malaysia Dr Chai Lay Ching works hard to bring information and science-backed solutions to help the fight against the virus

This pandemic has put scientists at the forefront of the response to the outbreak. While not all scientists are directly involved in the testing of coronavirus in the labs, many concerned scientists from different backgrounds and expertise areas are working from home to support the outbreak response.

As the chairperson of the Young Scientists Network I can bring together top researchers, all under the age of 40. And I’m working closely with them and my academy to bring accurate information and science-backed solutions to the public, media and policy makers. Fighting against the misinformation that causes confusion and widespread fear during this global pandemic is essential to a successful disease containment plan.

pandemic of fear

Dr Chai Lay Ching

‘Science-ing’ from home has kept me busy and active during Malaysia’s stay-at-home Movement Control Operation (MCO) period. Despite the research lab being closed, research, data analyzing and writing is carried on from home. It is interesting to experience how this global pandemic changes the way we work, teach, communicate and socialise. Despite social distancing, we continue to interact and stay connected via internet. My days are filled with virtual meetings with students, colleagues from universities and scientists from across Malaysia and abroad. Let’s work hand-in-hand to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, and for a better world tomorrow.’

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