If he cheats with another man… is that worse than with a woman?

If your husband or boyfriend cheated on you with a man, would that bother you as much as it would with another woman?

When Welsh rugby star Gareth Thomas revealed he was gay in an interview with the Daily Mail, many people praised him for joining the handful of openly gay sportsmen, despite the fact that he admitted cheating on his wife Jemma at gay bars and clubs.

Thomas, who also captained the Lions, was married to teenage sweetheart Jemma between 2002 and 2006. But the marriage broke down after he admitted to himself and his wife that he was gay. He said the secret was ‘like a tight knot in my stomach, always threatening to seep out’.

Perhaps surprisingly, despite separating, Jenna and him remain close friends and say they still love each other.

Would it make a difference knowing that if your partner cheated with another man, perhaps it was more about him being confused about his sexuality than any reflection on you as a woman? In other words, if a man cheats on you with a woman is it even more of a betrayal?

Or is the sex of the person he was cheating with irrelevant? Post your comments below…

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