Green machine cleans clothes with nuts

The eco-machine that could spell end for washing powder

It might seem an unusual choice for cleaning your clothes, but a forward-thinking designer has created a washing machine that uses nuts instead of chemicals.

The eco-friendly washing machine, E-wash, is designed to work with soapnuts – natural seeds that have been used in Asia to clean clothes for hundreds of years.

The machine’s maker says the nuts are kinder to the environment than powders, tablets or liquids, which flush chemicals down our pipes.

Plus, soapnuts can be grown anywhere, cutting down on the pollution and costs associated with transport, the Daily Mail reports.

The appliance company Electrolux singled out the green machine at its annual green design awards – and said an E-wash could be on the market within a few years.

The machine was invented by Hungary-based designer Levente Szabo. ‘My inspiration was the polluting effect of both the washing process and the production of detergent,’ he said.

Soapnuts are already available in the UK, at around £7 for a 500g bag, and work reasonably well in conventional machines.

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