Could you forgive a cheating partner?

Once a cheater, always a cheater. Would you be willing to give your unfaithful partner a second chance?

Abby Clancy - The Big Debate - World News - Marie Claire
Abby Clancy - The Big Debate - World News - Marie Claire
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Once a cheater, always a cheater. Would you be willing to give your unfaithful partner a second chance?

As the latest episode in the Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy saga hits the headlines – she has ditched her ring again following further allegations – we can't help asking ourselves: should unfaithful partners be given a second chance?

In the last year there have been a slew of male celebrities who have been caught cheating. Tiger Woods, John Terry, Vernon Kay, Mark Owen, and now Peter Crouch to name but a few.

They have consequently left their respective other halves broken-hearted and with the impossible choice of should I stay or should I go?

Before jetting off to Spain to escape from it all, Abbey Clancy confided in fellow suffering WAG Toni Terry, insisting ‘everyone makes mistakes.’

Since that conversation and the revelation of one further cheating scandal, Abbey has removed and replaced her engagement ring twice; obviously wracked with indecision.

Is she right to be confused? Can trust be rebuilt, or should some unfaithful partners be given a second chance?

Of course, every relationship is different, but once you have committed to taking your partner back, how easy is it to truly forgive them for what they have done?

Abbey Clancy reportedly said, ‘Every time I see you it reminds me what you’ve done.’

Would you be able forgive an unfaithful partner and give them a second chance? Or do you think these celebrity wives are setting a bad example to other women by taking back their cheating men? Let us know your thoughts by posting a comment below.



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