The disappearance of Claudia Lawrence: What actually happened to the missing 35-year-old?

Twelve years on from Claudia Lawrence's disappearance, there are still no answers about what happened to her. Here's everything we know about the case, from clues to suspects, theories and new investigations.

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Claudia Lawrence: Disappearance, evidence, suspects & more on the case
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Twelve years on from Claudia Lawrence's disappearance, there are still no answers about what happened to her. Here's everything we know about the case, from clues to suspects, theories and new investigations.

It's been 12-and-a-half years since Claudia Lawrence disappeared near York. But while police are firm in their belief that she was murdered, no body - or culprit - has ever been found. For the case of a missing woman to remain unsolved for so long is unusual, but police have not ceased their investigation. In fact, just this week, officers are searching a popular fishing spot near York in the hopes of discovering evidence that might lead them to find out what happened to Claudia Lawrence.

Here, we revisit the Claudia Lawrence case, detailing her original disappearance, potential leads, and the sad death of her father, Peter Lawrence, earlier this year without knowing what happened to his daughter.

What happened when Claudia Lawrence disappeared?

Claudia Lawrence, who was working as a chef at the University of York at the time of her disappearance, was last seen on the afternoon of 18 March, 2009. The 35-year-old was witnessed walking back from work towards her home in Heworth, near York. Later that evening she called both of her parents, Joan and Peter, separately. The pair, who were divorced, remarked that their daughter sounded "cheerful and relaxed" when they spoke to her on the phone, with Joan adding that she had made plans to see Claudia on Mother's Day that weekend during the call.

Claudia went on to text a friend at 8.23pm, but nobody heard from her again after that.

Missing woman Claudia Lawrence

Claudia Lawrence. Photo: North Yorkshire Police

It was only on 20 March, 2009 - two days after she was last seen - that Claudia was actually reported missing. Peter Lawrence contacted the police after he was contacted by a worried friend of his daughter's, informing him that his daughter hadn't turned up for her 6am shift at work the day previous, and that her phone appeared to have been unusually turned off.

Over the next few days, the young woman's disappearance became headline news. North Yorkshire police released photographs of Claudia, posting them on shops, buses, traffic lights and more around the nearby city of York, as well as projecting her image at Leeds train station. During a press conference for the missing persons appeal, Detective Chief Inspector Lucy Pope held up a bag that was identical to the one Claudia had been carrying when she was last seen; a blue and grey Karrimor rucksack.

With no substantial leads emerging by April, Crimestoppers offered a £10,000 reward for any information relating to the disappearance. In May 2009, BBC's Crimewatch filmed a reconstruction of the last sighting of Claudia.

What evidence was found in the case of Claudia Lawrence?

There were a number of clues investigators used to try to track down exactly what happened to Claudia Lawrence. One thing they were focussed on was her mobile phone - a silver Samsung D900, which police established had been deliberately turned off by someone at around 12.10pm on Thursday, 19 March 2009. "Claudia used her silver Samsung mobile phone intensively so it is unlikely she would allow it to run out of battery," said Detective Superintendent Dai Malyn, who ran the case. He added: "Also, her mobile phone charger was still in her house."

Cell records established that Claudia had visited the Acomb area of York numerous times in the weeks leading up to her disappearance, which led the police to investigate the area, but it has never been publicly explained why she might have been there, and whether it had anything to do with her disappearance.

In the immediate aftermath of Claudia going missing, officers searched her house extensively. What they found was evidence to suggest she had left for work on the morning of 19 March 2009. Claudia's bed had been made, there were what appeared to be breakfast dishes in the kitchen sink, and her electric tooth brush was found on the kitchen draining board. What was missing from the house, however, was Claudia’s GHD hair straighteners. Subsequent information received by the police suggested that she may, on occasion, have taken her hair straighteners to work, so they are now believed to have been inside her Karrimor rucksack alongside her chef’s whites. The bag has never been found.

Police searching for missing woman Claudia Lawrence

A cigarette butt was also discovered in Claudia's Vauxhall Corsa by police. While the car was in the garage for service during the time of Claudia's disappearance, police still investigated it closely. They discovered the DNA profile of a male on the discarded cigarette, and hoped following it up might lead them to new information, but no such leads were derived.

The Claudia Lawrence investigation was troublingly disrupted on a number of occasions by hoaxers. In November 2009, eight months after she disappeared, a message was left on Facebook, purporting to be from Lawrence, which read: "Hi everyone just let you be aware that I am ok and I am safe and sound. Speak to all soon. Claudia. xxx." The post was later found to have been written by a teenager from Oxfordshire, who was arrested and cautioned. In March 2010, shortly after the one-year anniversary of Claudia's disappearance, hoax calls led police to carry out a four-day search in Heslington, a suburban village of York. When the caller was found to have been time-wasting, he was sentenced to 18 months in jail.

No body has ever been found in the case of Claudia Lawrence, but five weeks after her disappearance, police confirmed they presumed she had been murdered. With nothing to suggest otherwise over the past 12 years, it's widely continued to believe that this is the case.

Have there been any suspects accused of murdering Claudia Lawrence?

The first arrests in the Claudia Lawrence case didn't come until 2014. In the May, police arrested a 59-year-old man on suspicion of the missing woman's murder, having searched two houses and seized one car. The development came to nothing, though, and just a couple of months later, in July 2014, someone else was arrested. This time, it was a 46-year-old man at a York pub, on suspicion of perverting the course of justice in connection with the Claudia Lawrence investigation. Extensive searches took place at the pub, which was located in Acomb, including digging up part of the cellar. After questioning, the man was released on bail, and no charges were pursued.

In January 2015, a convicted murderer, 22-year-old Daniel Oxley, claimed to have murdered Claudia Lawrence. His claims were dismissed however, with Oxley's barrister saying he "said attention-seeking and grandiose things after he was arrested to those in authority to misrepresent his own position."

There are thought to have been nine arrests in total in relation to the Claudia Lawrence case, but none have resulted in any charges.

Missing poster of Claudia Lawrence against a police car

Are there any other theories about what might have happened to Claudia Lawrence?

While Claudia Lawrence is largely presumed to have been murdered, there has been the odd theory flying around to suggest that she may secretly have started a new life abroad. In September 2009, six months after she first disappeared, tourism workers claimed to remember seeing Claudia in Paphos, Cyprus in March that year. It later emerged that a bar worker in Paphos actually sent Claudia a text message at 9.12pm on the night she vanished.

In March 2013, the Sunday Express ran a story claiming that Claudia was planning a new life in Cyprus before her disappearance. A spokesman for her family described this suggestion as "new news" and said the Lawrences were unaware of any such intention. Martin Dales, speaking on behalf of Claudia's dad Peter, said: "Claudia always enjoyed going to Cyprus for holidays and had good friends over there. The suggestion that she might have wanted to live and work there is new news and is not what is understood to have been in her future plans in 2009 when she went missing from York."

Missing woman Claudia Lawrence

North Yorkshire Police

In 2012, the same family spokesperson said a former private detective had been in touch with him to say he saw someone with "a striking resemblance" to Claudia Lawrence in Amsterdam. These claims were not verified by North Yorkshire Police.

What is the latest on the Claudia Lawrence case?

Despite very few leads over the years, investigators have revisited the case over and over again. In March 2021, a fresh appeal was launched by police on the 12th anniversary of her disappearance. Detective Superintendent Wayne Fox, who took charge of the investigation in October 2020 following the retirement of Detective Superintendent Dai Malyn, released a statement and a video to mark the anniversary.

"In my view, there are likely to be several people out there who either know or have strong suspicions as to what happened to Claudia. For whatever reason, they have maintained a silence for 12 years. That is an awfully long time to carry such a burden of guilt. The longer you carry it, the greater the anguish you are causing to Claudia’s family and friends. Please do the right thing, come forward and speak to me," the senior policeman said.

Just this week, in August 2021, North Yorkshire Police have begun searching Sand Hutton gravel pits, approximately eight miles outside of York, in an investigation that's expected to take several days. The force says it is unable to disclose what information had led to the search at that particular location.

Police searching new area for missing woman Claudia Lawrence

North Yorkshire Police

What happened to Claudia Lawrence's parents?

Claudia's mother, Joan Lawrence, has recently spoken out, revealing that she feels "churned up inside" at the news of this latest search. “I don’t know what to think. I feel very anxious and bewildered," said the 78-year-old. "It’s been 12 and a half years and I just need to know what has happened to Claudia."

Very sadly, however, Claudia's dad Peter Lawrence, died in February this year. He was 74, and passed away without ever finding out what happened to his daughter. In the years following Claudia's disappearance he described the situation as "a nightmare," but insisted he remained "hopeful" that the family would get some kind of resolution. Prior to his death, Peter Lawrence was instrumental in the creation of new guardianship legislation, known as Claudia’s law, which makes it easier for the families of people missing for more than 90 days to deal with their personal and financial affairs. Prior to this change in the law, families could only take responsibility for such affairs if the missing person had been declared dead under the Presumption of Death Act 2013, which takes seven years to come into effect.

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