Are women really better at having affairs than men?

Women are far more psychologically, emotionally and technologically skilled in the arts of hiding their affairs than men.

According to a poll conducted by, when it comes to having an affair, men are strictly amateurs compared to women.

The research suggests the differing ability to hide affairs is so great that one in ten male cheats have been exposed by their partners, compared to just one in twenty women.

However, Dr. David Holmes, a psychologist at Manchester Metropolitan University, claims that women are having more affairs than ever but behave very differently from the way men do when they cheat.

‘Women are better liars because they’re more psychologically sophisticated,’ he added.

Sara Hartley from says men are often careless about leaving mobile phones lying around or forgetting to log out of private emails and reckless when it comes to disguising their affairs.

‘Women are far more careful to log out of private email accounts and Facebook and keep separate email addresses and SIM cards specifically for their lover’s use,’ she added.

And it is not just female psychological sophistication that aids women in keeping their affairs hidden, but also the emotional security of having a network of ‘affair friends’ who can cover for them.

Women are programmed to be much more relationship and people orientated, making plans and strategies while men are more impulsive.

A shameless 40% of women who have affairs use an alibi friend to help them spend more time with their illicit lover, compared to a mere 6% of men.

But what do you think? Is it the ability to multi-task and plan ahead that enables women to get away with cheating on their partners? Are women better at having affairs and covering their tracks? Or perhaps you think the reason twice as many men than women get caught in the act is because they are quite simply having more affairs?

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