Would You Join The Hairy Legs Club?

Leg hair, don’t care? That’s what these ladies are saying…

The Hairy Legs Club
(Image credit: The Hairy Legs Club)

Leg hair, don’t care? That’s what these ladies are saying…

The sun is shining, the shorts are on and women everywhere are getting their hairy legs out. Yes, in a new social media craze started by The Hairy Legs Club blog, hundreds of ladies have been posting liberating helfies (is that the right hashtag for a hairy selfie?) of their bodies in an attempt to change public perceptions and the expectation that women should maintain certain grooming practices that men don’t have to.

‘My glorious hairy legs, (the hairiest in the family - I’m so proud!)’ one woman writes beside her fuzzy photo.

Hairy Legs Club

(Image credit: Hairy Legs Club)

Far from a negative environment, the growing online community is praising the beauty of the au naturel look, supporting each other’s body confidence and taking on some massively sexist issues. Some of the most effective statements occur when the writer teams their hairy legs with perfectly polished nails, high heels or a beautiful skirt - classic markers of female beauty.

‘This page is really great but in a way it makes me sad it even has to exist because it's such a shame we live in a world where legs or bodies in general should have to be a source of embarrassment or controversy,’ one user writes.

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