20 Things You Only Know If You Went To An All Girls School

From faking your period to get out of PE, to rolling your skirt to indecent lengths, there are certain things only all girls school graduates will appreciate…

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From faking your period to get out of PE, to rolling your skirt to indecent lengths, there are certain things only all girls school graduates will appreciate…

1. That one time a year when you were allowed to mingle with your boys’ school equivalent was the highlight of your social calendar. Poor sods.

2. Even though there were no boys to impress you still made sure your kilt was of a barely decent length and your socks were of the over-knee variety. Girls dress to impress other girls dontcha know.

3. Because of the lack of boys, everyone automatically fancied the only male teacher under the age of 50. Coffee breath? So what, he had a penis and a pulse.

4. Your head mistress had a canary fit every time a boy came within 10 feet of the school gate and announced the role call of shame in assembly every time a girl was caught ‘fraternizing’ with the opposite sex.

5. The first girl in your year to have sex was hailed as both a legend, and er, also a bit of a slapper. Girls can be a horrible lot.

6. Sex education. Once the hysterical giggles died down all you really learnt was how to put a condom on a banana.

7. But who needed sex education when you had Judy Blume’s ‘Forever’ to pore over in the common room. Particularly the bit when you were introduced to ‘Ralph’.

8. Swimming lessons. Cue 23 out of 30 girls being on their period! Weird?

9. You couldn’t make it from the dinner hall to your form room without linking arms with your BFF.

10. You can’t get used to the fact that it’s not totally acceptable to yell across a crowded room to ask if anyone has a tampon?

11. Speaking of which. There was a dedicated cupboard full of ‘lady’ products just in case anyone ran out.

12. There was always one girl who was unfairly labeled the school lesbian. Even if she was 100% straight. 13. Equally, you got pretty bored of the lesbian jokes people made when they found out you went to an all girls school. Come on, it’s the 21st century people. 14. Break-ups consisted of uncontrollable sobbing in the toilets, while being comforted by at least five friends. At times like this it was totally acceptable to be late to class. Your teacher never seemed to agree, however.

15. When you went to university and a boy sat next to you, it felt more than a little odd.

16. Also deciding what to wear every day seemed like an unnecessary chore.

17. Ditto shaving your legs.

18. You’re bloody good at French plaits. On account that there wasn’t much else to do at lunch time.

19. Those communal changing rooms at the gym? They don’t phase you.

20. You’ve never really got over your obsession with netball. Lacrosse on the other hand. If you never see another lacrosse stick again, it will be all too soon.

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