Meet the woman who is campaigning for a Compassion Act

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  • Jennifer Nadel is a journalist and barrister. While at ITV in the 90s, she led investigations into global injustices, exposing the use of rape as a weapon in war. In 2018, she co-founded Compassion in Politics, a campaign group aiming to place ‘empathy at the heart of politics'

    ‘Be yourself – it will liberate others’

    ‘We all need to own ourselves. Telling an audience of 2,000 that I’d had two breakdowns is the most liberating thing I’ve ever done, because I no longer have to pretend. I can own every single part of me – the part that can run for Parliament and broadcast to millions, alongside the part that ended up in hospital with serious depression when my marriage ended. It takes real courage to reveal one’s vulnerability.’

    ‘The time is right for compassionate politics’

    ‘It is often dismissed as idealistic and woolly headed, but compassion requires strength and can facilitate a great deal, and it’s something we need now more than ever. We’re campaigning for a Compassion Act, which would ensure no future law could leave those in the most vulnerable circumstances any worse off. Our campaign is finally getting traction, with people signed up from seven different political parties.’

    ‘Setting yourself goals can help you achieve’

    ‘As a barrister, I realised it would take a long time before I’d make any difference, whereas TV has an immediate impact. So I gave myself five years to be a journalist, otherwise I’d go back to the bar and do it the slow way. Goal setting works.’


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