5 sillier Brexit rumours that aren’t actually true

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  • Should we bulk-buy Zara clothes now?

    The UK voted to leave the European Union on Thursday, dividing the country and prompting the Prime Minister to resign.

    The country is understandably in a state of panic, fearing an impending decade of uncertainty. And while some issues, like the future state of the NHS and who will replace David Cameron as Prime Minister, are arguably reasons to worry. A few others really shouldn’t be keeping you up at night.

    Some more ridiculous examples which have been buzzing around the internet since Friday: Will we still be able to buy Petit Filous at Sainsbury’s? Will Chanel make up disappear from our shelves? Should we bulk buy Longchamp handbags while we still can?

    Here are five of the most popular rumours – and the truth behind them:

    1. ‘Nando’s is closing in the UK’

    A blog post was published claiming that everyone’s favourite Portuguese restaurant chain would close in the UK with immediate effect on Friday if Britain voted to leave the EU. Luckily, Nando’s has crushed the closure fears, reassuring its regulars that it would very much be remaining open in the UK.

    2. ‘We will no longer be able to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest’

    Some people have been questioning on social media whether as a country we will no longer be able to compete. But not to worry, we can still enter (lose): ‘The BBC and the UK have a long relationship with the Eurovision Song Contest’ explained the European Broadcasting Union, ‘the BBC, representing the UK, will therefore remain a welcome participant in the Contest next year and going forward.’ The contest is really European in name only if we think about it, with plenty of non EU countries taking part including Norway, Azerbaijan and even Australia.

    3. ‘Say goodbye to Milky Way Magic Stars’

    Milky Way Magic Stars have a disclaimer on the packet that they ‘should not be sold outside of the EU.’ People even started panic buying the chocolates in bulk, tweeting their plans to sell them for £5 a pop when UK supplies dry up. Mars have just quashed those fears though, announcing that the imminent Brexit will not affect sales of the chocolate stars here.

    4. ‘Game of Thrones could be over’

    Never mind the economy imploding, a threat to the popular HBO series Game of Thrones could really start a riot. Fears emerged that the series, partly filmed in Northern Ireland, could lose its EU funding, which for a programme that requires a hefty budget is a significant problem. The network reassured Jon Snow fans across the globe with the statement ‘We do not anticipate that the result of the EU referendum will have any material effect on HBO producing Game of Thrones.’

    5. ‘ZARA clothes will get more expensive’

    Suggestions were knocking around online that European labels could increase in price, the realisation upsetting high street shoppers across the UK. Some of our favourite go-to brands are European: Zara is Spanish, H&M is Swedish and Sephora is French – causing fear that we soon won’t be able to afford them. While it’s true that prices could go up depending on the new trade agreements that will be negotiated in the next two years, it will be a long time coming so don’t worry about pre-ordering for A/W19 just yet!

    Now let’s all breathe a sigh of relief and start worrying about the real issues.

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