Young Millennials are useless at housework, apparently

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  • Does getting up to refresh Netflix count?

    Millennials/Generation Me/Generation Rent/Echo Boomers… however you refer to us lot existing in the 18-34 age category, it’s fair to say we get a lot of stick for being useless, mostly being labelled as work shy and narcissistic (seriously, do a Google search and see what comes up). Often, this is an unfounded, unfair and just plain annoying belief, however new research carried out by kind of supports that theory, when it comes to the completion of domestic chores, that is.

    According to research carried out by the flat sharing website, the average age to leave home is 22, but unfortunately reaching your early twenties doesn’t actually mean that you know how to look after yourself.

    Apparently, one in five people aged 22 are left baffled by the dishwasher and wouldn’t know how to a clean an oven, or (most scarily of all) how to use a washing machine. Suddenly, the state of your student house share makes a lot of sense.

    The confusion over household chores doesn’t stop there, with one in ten of the people quizzed saying that they wouldn’t know how to change a bag on a vacuum cleaner, how to turn the radiators on and off or how to register to vote. Which might account for why the vote registration website for the upcoming EU referendum crashed at the last minute, overwhelmed by people who’d just realised they needed to register.

    Cooking is another area where young people are apparently lacking, with one in three admitting that they’d have no idea how to cook a chicken, let alone a full roast dinner.

    All is not lost, though. Young millennials are a pretty resourceful bunch, with one in three people asked saying that they would ‘Google it’ if they weren’t sure how to do something, and if the issue were more complicated they’d look on YouTube for advice.

    Less than half of the people asked said that they’d learned everyday skills from watching their parents, and 25% of us who do have some household skills said that we learned them from our house-mates, not our parents. So obviously, it’s all our parent’s fault for not imparting domestic wisdom, ahem.

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