This Is What Happens When A Woman Sends A Dick Pic Equivalent

The responses are interesting - but not what you might expect...

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The responses are interesting - but not what you might expect...

As any woman who has stepped into the digital minefield of online dating will attest, there's a few weirdos out there and even more exhibitionists.

Receiving a photo of a penis (dick-pic) is pretty commonplace and really gross, so one LA-based writer decided to turn the tables on the guys and fire off a photo of the female anatomy to prove how weird the practice is.

Kerry Quinn told Thrillist that instead of investing in a selfie stick for her vagina (yes that exists) and taking the photo herself, she screen-grabbed one online before she tried out her dating experiment.

She explained: ‘The only people who see mine are men I’m intimate with (and, duh, my gynaecologist). After a lot of "Whoa!"s and "Oh my!"s I found a vagina that somewhat matched mine (correct skin tone!) and seemed "cute.”’

Then she picked 40 recipients (matches) on dating app Bumble, hit them with the photos at different points in the conversation and screen-grabbed all their responses.

Although some men seemed bemused, 37 of the guys responded, and all 37 still wanted to meet her.



Kerry commented: ‘For the three guys that responded quickly, I flirted aggressively and hit them with the v-pic after four to five messages. I braced myself for, "Hey, why'd you send that?" or "Whoa, where'd that come from?" Instead, I got three very lengthy... porn descriptions of what they'd like to do with that virtual vagina.

I didn't know what else to do, so I wrote, "Send me a pic." [I received] two erect penises, one flaccid. Of course I took screenshots.’

But of course.

Source: Thrillist

Next Kerry picked a group of men to send the x-rated photo to after the initial hellos and noted that people weren’t quite as keen, but there was still no obvious shock. ‘Four guys asked me what I did for a living, my guess was to determine if I was a pro or in porn,' she said.

To see if anyone would be at all put off, Kerry then decided to send the photo to 10 guys she had matched with this time, without any prior contact at all.

Three failed to reply and the other seven were, um, still up for it.


Kerry says she was hoping to make guys realise how creepy it is to ‘receive intimate photos from a stranger’ but as no-body seemed particularly bothered, she failed in her dating experiment. ‘Given that men like to send dick pics, I suppose their enthusiasm for v-pics makes sense’ she concluded.

And unsurprisingly, she didn’t end up going for a drink with any of them and unmatched all 40.

‘I don't think we'd be able to just meet for a drink after a v-pic. After all, how do you come back from a level of pseudo-intimacy generated by a fake body part? You don’t.’

Good point there Kerry…

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