How smart are you? Answer these two simple questions and find out

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  • When working out how smart you are, it all comes down to how much you like your friends...

    IQ tests are long and boring (yes, we’re aware that might say something about our IQ’s), but there is now a simple intelligence test that is made up of just two questions.

    Appearing in The Guardian, this test from Ben Ambridge’s Psy-Q apparently reveals how smart you really are – and there’s not a maths equation in sight.

    The questions are:

    1. Does living in a crowded area get you down?

    (a) a lot (b) a bit (c) not at all

    2. Would you prefer to socialise with friends every day as opposed to just once or twice a week?

    (a) hell, yeah! (b) maybe a bit (c) no

    Answered honestly?

    OK, we can move on.

    If you answered b or c, in the first question, and c in the second then you are responding in a similar way to intelligent people.

    Let us explain: taking into account that the average IQ is 100, the study found that high-population density negatively impacted those with a lower IQ (an average of 81), while those with a high IQ (an average of 116) were fine living in crowded areas.

    They also found that spending time with friends daily, rather than just a couple of times a week, is associated with greater life satisfaction among the lower IQ group, but lower for those who are more intelligent.

    Although, perhaps the brainboxes who took part in the study aren’t all that smart after all, as researchers found that despite saying they’d only like to socialise a couple times a week, they actually saw friends more often, but got more irritation and less pleasure out of it.

    *Cancels appointments with friends in a bid to seem cleverer*

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