Want To Know Why Everybody Keeps Going On About The ‘Thighbrow’?

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  • We're willing to bet you 50p that by the end of this article, you'll run to your office toilets, hitch up your skirt and test out whether or not you've got one for yourself. And then roll your eyes a lot.

    Because if you’ve been on social media this weekend, you’ve probably seen the hashtag #thighbrow being banded about.

    (Incidentally, if you haven’t been on social media this weekend, then you’re a better person than us. And if you could possibly teach us how you do it, that would be wonderful.)

    But on the off chance you still don’t quite understand what #thighbrow means (don’t worry – we had to google it too), here’s the non-dictionary-approved definition:

    Thighbrow (noun): The crease between your thigh and your hip that appears when you sit or kneel down. Originating from Instagram, and used in sentences like: ‘look at my thighbrow’, and ‘my thighbrows are totally great today’. Derived from ‘eyebrow’ – because of the way they create two curved arches over your thighs. Most commonly sported by Kardashian-Jenners. Or people who unironically use the word ‘bae’.

    On the one hand (/leg), this is a refreshing change from the #thighgap hashtag, because it isn’t specific to women who wear size six jeans and enjoy photographing the pocket of air located beneath their vaginas.

    On the other hand (/leg), it would be great if we could stop being so obsessed with our body parts in the first place. It’s just a bit ridiculous.

    After all, what’s next?

    #Elbowties: When you scrunch the skin on your elbow into the shape of a bow tie, then hold it next to your neck and attempt to look comfortable?

    #Toewhales: When you submerge your big toe in water, a take a picture of it floating below the surface, like Free Willy before making the jump?

    #Cheekphones: When you’ve held your mobile up to your ear for so long, your face contours around it, and you’re left with the imprint of an iPhone to the right hand side of your nose?

    [Disclaimer: Please don’t actually try any of the above. We’ve made them up. And we’ll be forced to unfollow you on Instagram]

    Either way, we’re just waiting for thighbrow pencils to hit the high street later this season.

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