Doughnut Fries Exist And We Can’t Stop Thinking About Them

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  • Doughnut. Fries. Doughnut Fries.

    We don’t care what you’re doing right now just stop, put it down and listen to the news that there are things called doughnut fries somewhere in the world and some lucky sod is probably eating them RIGHT NOW.

    In between dreaming about and eating deep fried treats, here at Marie Claire we came across a picture this morning of this little slice of heaven on Reddit with the simple words: ‘Donut Fries’*.

    Look at them. Just LOOK AT THEM.

    To say that we were excited is an understatement of biblical proportions. This discovery makes the cronut look like a week-old cheese scone. The duffin, a bargain bucket crumpet. The cragel, a tarted up bread roll.

    After a little digging, we discovered that doughnut fries have been created by Psycho Donuts in California – henceforth known as the Holey Land (geddit?) – where hungry customers can also chow down on such baked behemoths as the Dead Elvis (a custard-filled doughnut topped with peanut butter, bananas and bacon) and the Sticky Monkey (a banana and salted caramel delight).

    This basket of beauty is served with a pot of raspberry jam and doughnut glaze for dipping, because what are fries without condiments?

    Doughnut aficionados may say, “Hey! Those are similar to churros!” and you’re not wrong. But really, as we move to a more equal society, isn’t there room in the world for many different kinds of deep fried dough in long rectangular form? Let’s not limit ourselves to just one variety of dipping doughnuts, okay people?

    Worryingly, we can’t see the fries on the official Psycho Donuts website but fear not, we have contacted them to enquire after their existence. Reckon they’ll ship to the UK?

    *We’re not here to get picky about the spelling. A do(ugh)nut but any other name would still taste as sweet.

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