Was your first love gay? Website encourages people to share experiences through old photos

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  • Marie Claire speaks to founder of new website which encourages users to post snaps of ill-fated unions

    So, your first love was actually gay? There’s no reason to hide all those old snaps away. Celebrate that ill-fated union by posting them online instead. We spoke to the founder of myhighschoolboyfriendwasgay.com, Damian Bellino (pictured with his date Alex before his highschool prom).

    So, what was the inspiration behind your website?

    People assume that gay guys have no experience of dating girls, but they are so wrong. Most of us did before we came out, with hilarious results. So we decided to ask people to share those experiences through their old photos.

    How was the response?

    Phenomenal. Thousands of people around the world have sent us their snaps.

    So what’s your story?

    I asked my best female friend to the prom. I remember her looking great in her purple dress, but thinking, ‘wow you’re so beautiful and I love your clothes, but why don’t I want to kiss you?’ I was so confused, but I didn’t have a label for my feelings.

    So in a way the site is a place for people to bond over a tricky stage in their lives?

    Yes, it’s about looking at past tragedy and laughing because of how far we’ve come. There’s a sense of relief that we no longer need to conform.

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