US college causes controversy with list of things female students can do to deter sexual assault

Bizarre list included vomiting, urinating or telling attacker you have a disease

College students
College students
(Image credit: REX)

Bizarre list included vomiting, urinating or telling attacker you have a disease

Students at a US college were stunned to receive a list of things women could do in order to deter a sex attacker.

The list, which was originally published by the University of Colorado in 2006 but resurfaced recently, caused controversy after going viral on Twitter and was removed yesterday by the institution.

It was made up of ten tips, bizarrely including 'vomiting or urinating may also convince the attacker to leave you alone.'

Other suggestions included telling an attacker you have a disease or are on your period.

The Twitter hashtag #UCCSTips was created, with people cheekily writing new suggestions. One user, Jason Griggs, tweeted: '#UCCSTips or if all else fails, ask attacker to pull your finger!'

However university spokesperson Tom Hutton said he felt the list had been taken out of context.

Speaking to news channel KRDO he said: 'It was part of supplemental information intended for women who had completed a self-defense class on campus'.

A study by the National Institute of Justice has estimated one-fifth to one-fourth of women in US colleges are victims of sexual assault.


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