Which generation is having the least sex?

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  • The answer is surprising/slightly depressing

    Do you ever wonder which generation actually has the most sex?

    If you think that you’re not getting enough when it comes to sex, then don’t worry, you’re not alone. New research published on Monday has revealed that millennials are having the least sex across the board.

    The study, conducted by researchers at Florida Atlantic University, found that people born in the 1990s are the most sexually inactive group since the Depression era. It said: ‘The only other generation that showed a higher rate of sexual inactivity were those born in the 1920s.’ Yikes. Clearly we need these sizzling sex tips.

    That’s right, despite the stark contrast in attitudes to premarital sex, and the fact that we have so much sex education readily available at our fingertips, millennials are having the same amount of sex as people born 70 years before them. And if you compare that stat to their parents, born in the 1960s, double the amount of millennials have no sexual partners at all. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

    This really goes against the oft-mentioned idea that millennials spend half of their time glued to apps like Tinder and having loads of casual sex. If you weren’t already surprised enough, the study also found that today’s young women are twice as likely to be sexually inactive when compared with young men. Seriously.

    Perhaps we’re actually more shy about sex than we thought? If this is the case, then we’ve answered all of the the questions about sex you were too afraid to ask so you can get informed.

    Although this study was carried out in the US, given the similarities in our cultures, we can’t help thinking that these statistics ring true over here in the UK, too.

    Maybe we just need to watch less Netflix and get out a bit more…

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