These are the baby names at risk of becoming extinct

And yours is probably on the list.

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And yours is probably on the list.

Baby names go in and out of fashion with the changing of the tide, and now it seems a whole array of once-popular and really rather common baby names could be slipping off the register forever.

While many are still recovering from last year’s shocking news that the name Gary could very soon die out – with just 33 baby boys given the moniker in 2014 – a new survey suggests the likes of Adam, Brendan, Amanda and Sarah could be going next. And according to readers at the Essential Baby Forum, it’s time to start treasuring our dear friends and relatives called Megan or Pam or Jeff or Damien, as they could soon be on the way out, too.

Essential Baby cites a particular baby name theory to explain the rather unexpected drop off in popularity of previously common names: They’re convinced that today’s parents want absolutely nothing to do with the names they grew up with. In fact, they want to get as far away from them as possible.

This thinking may also explain why names like Edith, Oscar and Henry have seen a surge in popularity in recent years – as it’s only after three or four generations have passed that names become fashionable again.

This list below lays out the names we could be waving goodbye to within a generation…

FYI, your name is probably featured.

Common Baby Names For Girls 

Amanda Angela Daniella Donna Fiona Jennifer Jessica Joanne Melanie Michelle Sarah

Common Baby Names For Boys

Adam Brendan Damien Gary Jason Mark Michael Matt Scott Stuart Ross

Currently topping the most popular baby names list are Oliver and Amelia. In August the Office for National Statistics released data that showed 6,649 boys born in 2014 were named Oliver, while 5,327 baby girls were named Amelia.

And from the looks of it, there’s no stopping Amelia as it’s been the most popular girls’ name since 2011.

Other popular girls names include Olivia, Isla, Emily and Poppy; whereas Jacky, Harry and Jacob are top for boys.

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