The Valentine’s Day Marmite sculpture

Artist creates 7ft Marmite sculpture for Valentine's Day

If you’re a Marmite hater, look away now! An artist has created a giant-sized sculpture made with 420 jars of the gooey brown stuff that divides the nation.

Sculptor Jeremy Fattorini has re-created Rodin’s famous sculpture, The Kiss, using 420 jars of Champagne Marmite to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Fattorini, from Guernsey, took nearly two and a half weeks to create the replica statue, which was unveiled today in London’s Greenwich Park.

The artist said: ‘It will be interesting to see if this gains more popularity than the statue at St Pancras. I’m sure that Marmite will once again polarize the nation – you’ll either love it or hate it.

‘It’s a good thing I like the stuff, as I was licking my fingers as I created it.’

Marmite lovers now know where to head to follow suit.

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