The Average Salary For Those Buying Homes In London Has Been Revealed

All we can say is FML

All we can say is FML

So you have your interiors Pinterest board, you spend most of your day on Rightmove and you're sick of living in your childhood bedroom - but good luck moving out and buying your own place any time soon.

Because according to figures compiled by the Office for National Statistics, you'll need to be earning £104,000 a year in order to make your property dream come true.

The sky-high figure is what the average London home buyer earns, apparently - so we're pretty much going to live in our childhood bedroom forever.

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The previous record for earnings - which was only earlier this year - was a whopping £98,000.

With costs rising that quickly, it'll be hard for any of us who aren't multi-milllionaires to have a chance.

The stats also showed that buyers in the capital now typically borrow an average of £340,000 pounds, which sounds like a right laugh to pay back.

The average UK salary is currently £27,645 while in Kensington and Chelsea it's £94,416 - let's just all move there and everything will be fine?

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