The 100 sexiest men’s names have been revealed, and it’s bad news for Lenny

Do you agree with this lot?

Liam Hemsworth Main
Liam Hemsworth Main
(Image credit: Rex)

Do you agree with this lot?

A name can make or break how sexy you are. It’s true. We once went out with someone called Barney just because he was called Barney. Likewise, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to date a Gary, sorry Gary, even if you are dying out.

And while we in the Marie Claire office spend debating whether or not an Eric can be sexy, Buzzfeed has created a list of the top 100 men’s sexiest names, to end our arguments.

Here are the top 10…

10. Jake

9. Dylan

8. Aiden

7. Luke‘

6. Dwayne

5. James

4. Nicholas

3. Luca

2. Anthony



Yeah, we’ll go with that, we’d totally date a Liam, plus we can’t think of one Liam who isn’t way above average looking.

However, there has to be the unfortunate group of men that live at the bottom end of the list.

90. Gary 91. Ferguson 92. Monty 93. Todd 94. Chad 95. Earl 96. Larry 97. Arthur 98. Marvin 99. Carl 100. Lenny

Hold on, whoa, whoa, whooaaa... Lenny is the least sexy name? We're not having that. Surely Lenny Kravitz is sexy enough to carry it into the top 10 alone?

We mean:


Oh and...

The name Lenny is effortless, retro, and has an easy-going finish, for sure. Plus, would you JUST LOOK at The Kravitz.

Yeah, bump off Anthony and take Lenny all the way up.

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