Got Dumped? Now There's A Social Media Break-Up Coordinator To Help You Through It

Chocolate and sad movies won't quite cut it anymore

Chocolate and sad movies won't quite cut it anymore

Been dumped recently? Then we're guessing that seeing constant pictures of your ex, out and about, having fun, maybe even in a few pictures with that girl you always suspected he liked, isn't helping your cause.

You know all about deleting your ex from Facebook and removing their number from your phone - but even if you follow all the tried-and-tested rules, it can still be hard to fully make a clean break.

That's why the phrase 'social media break-up coordinator' is now a thing. That's why one woman, Caroline Sinders, has decided to create the new job and art project that uses algorithms to cleanse your life of that one toxic ex.

Prompted to create the role after researching online relationships and harassment, Caroline talked about her project to The Daily Dot.

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'I’ve got a pretty clear understanding as to where the algorithms have holes and fall apart,' she said. 'One thing I noticed is that once you start to get to know someone and that relationship sours, it’s still really hard to mute someone that you know that is being mean to you or won’t talk to you, or broke up with you, or you hurt them. That doesn’t feel good for most people.

'It’s a manual labor you have to do, and when you’re in a high-stress or highly emotional place, it’s another frustrating thing—it’s a mechanism that adds to the frustration of living,' she added.'

The service includes everything from deleting photos from your phone or social media profiles to erasing someone's contact information from your phone, but keeping it for you just in case you want it back.

In creating her service, Caroline has sought the help of experts including crisis counsellors, lawyers, developers, and therapists, so this isn't just paying someone to delete your ex for you (thought it can be incredibly hard to do).

'You can outsource any handling of your life to someone else,' she said. 'My project is trying to satirise that.'

It might seem satirical to some people, but should this become Caroline's full time job, and not just an art project, something tells us there would definitely be a demand.

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